Jazz is wonderful for beginners all the way through to advance dancers. Jazz is a dance style that has grown over the years. With roots in ballet and drawing from the more modern hip hop, jazz is a blend of technique, and style.This style develops a range of skills including Kicks, Turns leaps and overall fitness.



Tap dancing is one of the oldest and most famous types
of dance. Tap dancing is a rhythmically driven style in which the performer is both dancer and percussive musician. Tap dancing teaches timing, Musicality and coordination.



Classical Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles. Ballet is designed to create confidence and grace while greatly improving posture, technique, control and strength.



Hip-Hop has become a very popular style of dance. Hip-Hop classes will teach students skills such as isolations, basic breakdance skills and the use of dynamics. Hip-Hop is suitable for all ages and is a lot of fun



Contemporary is a style of dance that was created from the foundations of ballet. Contemporary is a fusion of all styles and is often very abstract. Contemporary allows for a lot of self expression and personal interpretation. 


Musical Theatre

At Adrenaline Academy our musical theatre classes involve Dancing, singing and acting. We will focus on Broadway musicals and learn routines of all genres and styles. 



Our Technique classes are designed to develop overall flexibility, strength and stamina. The classes will specifically focus on dance skills such as kicks, turns leaps and jumps. Adrenaline Academy believe this is the most beneficial class for all ages. 



Singing classes will develop the technique of singing skills. Our singing classes will teach proper vocal warm ups, harmonies and breathing techniques. 



Drama classes are a great way of learning confidence and public speaking. Our drama classes will teach script reading, character development, stage blocking and accent development. We have classes for all ages!



Adrenaline Academy troupe classes are for students who wish to take their dancing to the next level. Our troupe classes learn routines that are then performed at local events and also competitions. 

*Our troupe classes do have specific class requirements. 


Private Tuition 

Private lessons are designed for students who would love to develop their performance skills. With one on one training these lessons help improve in all areas of dance. Most students chose to have routines taught to them to compete at competitions, However this is not compulsory.